The word "upanishad"

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Sat Nov 30 16:10:04 UTC 1996

Sankara derives it as a substantive from the root "sad" = "to loosen", "to
reach", "to destroy" with upa and ni as prefixes and the kvip as termination
(upanishhannam va asyam param shreya iti - gloss on Taitt. Up. The word
"upanishad" thus means "the knowledge by which ignorance is loosened or
>The word "upanishad" is generally explained as upa+ni+sad "to sit down
>nearby", etc, but some time ago, I saw another etymology suggested, which at
>the time seemed to me to make good sense. However, my dilemma is this: I
>remember neither the etymology itself, nor the text (book? article?) which
>mentioned it. Can anybody help? I do realize that my question is not unlike
>that of Nebuchadnezzar, but I hope that there may be a Daniel on this list
>to answer it for me...  :-)
>Martin Gansten

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