Janaka's vision of himself as a beggar

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 Yogavasistharamayana. English.
     The Yoga-vasistha Maharamayana / translated into
   English by Vihari Lala Mitra. -- Rev. ed. -- Calcutta :
   Published for the Sivanarayana by Prajna Publications,
       v. ; 22 cm.
     Translated in English from Sanskrit.
     Running title: Yogavasistha.
     Reprint. Originally published: The Yoga-vasishtha-
   maharamayana of Valmiki. Calcutta : Vihari Lala Mitra,
   1891-1899. Includes reproduction of the original t.p.
     Includes bibliographical references and glossary.
     Contents: v. 1. Vairagya and mumuksu prakarana. (270 p.) ; 
   to be complete in 4 v.
     1. Philosophy, Hindu. 2. Vedanta.
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 Yogavasistharamayana. English & Sanskrit. Selections.
     Yoga Vasistha-sara sangrah = Essence of Yoga 
   Vasistha / condensed by Swami Tejomayananda. -- 1st ed. 
   -- Bombay : Central Chinmaya Mission Trust, 1994.
     21 p. ; 28 cm.
     In Sanskrit (Devanagari and roman); translation in
     Running title: Yogavasistasarasamgrah.
     1. Yogavasistharamayana. 2. Vedanta. 3. Advaita. 4.
   Philosophy, Hindu.
     $2.50 (ubd.)                                    DK-97692


J. Kingston Cowart wrote:
> Can anyone help me locate a text about Janaka's vision of himself as a beggar?
> I believe it is in the Yoga Vasistha (although Venkatesandanda's Concise YV
> edition does not contain it).
> In the version I have heard, Janaka undergoes a sudden, momentary shift in
> consciousness during which he is not a king but a beggar--with all the
> beggar's lifetime of experiences and relationships as his own.
> Almost instantly, his consciousness shifts back again, whereupon he asks
> Yajnavalkya whether he is the King who dreamt of himself as a beggar or the
> beggar now dreaming of himself as a king. Yajnavalkya replies "Lord thou art
> both--and neither" (or words to that effect).
> This recounting may not be altogether accurate, which is why I seek the
> original text and its source.
> Additionally, does anyone know where I might obtain either
>         1) an English or German translation of the complete Yoga Vasistha,
> itself; and
>         2) any other available resource in either language which contains
> the material I seek?
> I would greatly appreciate any assistance at all.
> Thank you,
> J. Kingston Cowart
> San Diego, California
> <jkcowart at io-online.com>

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