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Fri Nov 29 15:09:43 UTC 1996

>If you haven't done so already, I would recommend checking the translation of
>the critical edition edited by Robert Goldman and published by Princeton. The
>Ayodhyakanda is in the second volume of the series, translated by Sheldon
>Pollock. It contains very useful annotations (including references to the
>traditional commentators) and bibliography.
>Swami Gitananda
>Agama Research Centre

very well and I thank you about.
I've just a little problem more.
My university is very young and his library very poor. The sanskrit shelter
is one meter long (including Boeckling-Roth).
Do you know a good bookshop specialized in sanskrit, preferably in Europa
and with e-mail or http facilities, where to order books, specially this
exciting edition of the Ramayana.

Dominique Thillaud - Universite de Nice - Sophia Antipolis
email : thillaud at

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