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r.l.schmidt at easteur-orient.uio.no r.l.schmidt at easteur-orient.uio.no
Fri Nov 29 08:13:51 UTC 1996

In reply to Zydenbos' reply to Fosse:

>Getting the whole of India to speak de-Sanskritized Hindi is a pipe
>dream of people who are unaware of what the 21st century will demand of

...certainly not the whole of India, but quite a large number of people in
India (and in Pakistan and other South Asian countries, not to mention East
Asia and Europe, are regular watchers of Zee TV, which uses
non-Sanskritized, non-Persianized Hindi-Urdu as its medium. The same style
of Hindi-Urdu is also the medium of Bollywood films. I concede that this
wierd and wonderful language form isn't written and won't get you far on a
university campus, but it is a marvellous form of global communication, and
it is happening now.

Best regards,

Ruth Schmidt

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