could anyone please send the gold-digging ant posts?

joe at joe at
Fri Nov 29 11:01:15 UTC 1996

I've posted to the ADABIYAT mailing list, which has a lot of Persian
specialists on it, a question about "marmot" and "ant" in ancient Persian.

One subscriber to that list asked if I'd saved the previous posts, as he
was very curious about them.

Unfortunately, I hadn't.  Nor do I see them at the e-mail archive yet.

Anyone who has got them saved, and could forward them to me (or directly to
him), could you please let me know?  Please DON'T just send them right off
(this list has enough people on it that I could end up with twenty copies
of everything!)  But thanks if you could take the time to write and offer.

He seems to have some things to contribute himself, just doesn't want to be
uninformed about it.

Joe Bernstein
joe at

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