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On Thu, 28 Nov 1996, Cyber Maadhva Sangha wrote:

> However, this should not be misread as general opposition to Hindi in
> the South -- it is only the manifestation of the cultural and linguistic
> sensitivities (accentuated by politicians past and present) of the Tamil
> people. 
> And I will say that while there may not be much caring for Hindi in 
> Tamil Nadu, there is no grassroots movement against Hindi as such, 
> except for the occasional politician mouthing off.

I have watched this debate go for quite a while without jumping in because
even face to face debates on this subject are usually unresolved. As
somebody who studied in both Tamil Nadu and Kerala, I can say one thing --
in lots of "private schools" in Kerala, you could take "Special English"
and "Additional English", just to avoid taking Hindi.  You could also opt
to learn French to avoid Hindi.  Lots and lots of my friends took that
route to escape learning Hindi. The Tamil Nadu pattern has already been
mentioned before.  Also know that some of my cousins and their neighbours
speak fluent Telgu and never ever studied the Hindi alphabet. 

The literacy rate in south is generally far higher than in north (some
cities in Kerala have 100% literacy rate).  But the population is far
greater in the north (relatively speaking).  So politicians found that
they could get more mileage (more votes) by trying to push Hindi.

Somebody mentioned auto rickshaw drivers or such.  Whether you 
speak Hindi/Urdu/English, my experience is that they may take you 
for a "drive", unless you know the shortest route!

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