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Robert J. Zydenbos zydenbos at giasbg01.vsnl.net.in
Thu Nov 28 15:13:29 UTC 1996

Subject: Re: Hindi etc. (in reply to L.M. Fosse)

lf> I do not see that I am making the discussion vague. But I am
lf> avoiding too specific statements,

(This is not funny any more.)

lf> Again, I feel that you are a bit emotional.

This is not substantiated.

lf> You have so far not been able to show that other Indic languages
lf> are better means of communication on a national level than Hindi.

(1) This is beside the point.
(2) Even if it were the point, you are still dodging the issue of what
"better" means.

lf> >There are no quantitative arguments that stand rational, critical
lf> >investigation: 
lf> Yes there are.

Then why don't you give them? Till now, several people in this thread
have refuted the arguments that were proposed.

lf> less money will be given to Indic studies generally. Why don't you
lf> leave planet Zorc and join us earthlings?

lf> In wealthy universities, you might achieve that a special
lf> department for Dravidian studies is created. But don't bank on it
lf> these days.

So let us recapitulate. Your quantitative arguments are not tenable. We
have seen pretentious claims in this thread about cultural spread, the
usefulness of Hindi etc. which have been debunked. The  minority status
of Hindi, spoken and written, has been established. Hindi offers little
historical material worth mentioning. Certain Hindi teachers (nota bene!
a case of vested interests, perhaps?) plead that we must support their
personal enterprises for the sake of "Indic studies generally", which
will supposedly benefit "the values of free study and thought"; but I
have yet to see a Hindiwallah who seriously studies, let us say, Kannada
or Assamese.

Counterarguments against mine in this thread have not been
substantiated. Instead, I have merely been called "emotional",
"impractical" and am said to be living on a science-fiction planet -
which I think is better than being an intellectual prostitute who
gleefully caters to imbecility in the business and tourism community if
that is how money can be made. (You advocated that, Lars.) And if you
seriously think that I and people like me will sacrifice intellectual
standards and join in spreading false, tall claims about Hindi (which,
by the way, does not benefit me in any way whatsoever) only in order to
protect your monthly pay check over there in Norway, then I suggest that
you should think again. Sorry, but I would prefer some more integrity in
Western academia, and I refuse to contribute to a further downfall.

I maintain that it is really very stupid to have Hindi teachers
all over the Western world and have the majority of historical and
contemporary India unrepresented. A cooperation of universities across
the European Union or the USA could perhaps tackle this shortcoming. But
would the Hindiwallahs give up their exclusively privileged position and
cooperate, or would they continue telling lies?

Have a nice day. ;-)

Robert Zydenbos.-

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