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Cyber Maadhva Sangha dvaita at eskimo.com
Wed Nov 27 23:21:13 UTC 1996

> Thank you for making this point, which confirms my own experience. This
> again means that Hindi as a link language is rather superfluous, and
> that (as language activists in the south argue) the time and other
> resources which are spent in India on Hindi education would be spent
> much better in improving both English and mother-tongue education.

Btw, who are these "language activists in the south"?  The only
opposition to Hindi in the South is in Tamil Nadu, and that too only
from the DMK-type politicos who use that as a vote-generating issue.
And the bulk of the anti-Hindi agitation was before I was born.  I
submit to you that there is no significant opposition to Hindi
elsewhere, and that in fact Hindi/Urdu are better understood in other
places in the South like Karnataka, than English.


Shrisha Rao

> RZ.-


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