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Sanskrit Digest          Thursday, 21 November 1996     Volume 01 : Number 458
Today's topics:
     SPEAK SANSKRIT classes by Sri Krishna Shastry - Call for Volunteers
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From: Vvmurthy at aol.com
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 1996 00:41:46 -0500
Subject: SPEAK SANSKRIT classes by Sri Krishna Shastry - Call for Volunteers

`SPEAK SANSKRIT' classes by Sri Krishna Shastry: Mar-May 1997

Last year's tour of Sri Krishna shastry was a big success with more than
1000 people attending his classes all over USA. Speaking Sanskrit looked
so easy for those who attended the classes for 6-8 hours. His stay was
very short in each city and only a glimps at the new teaching techniques
for sanskrit could be given. A rare combination of humor, wit and his
dynamism made the classes very lively. 

This year, we plan to organize full 20 hours classes for 7 days in each
city and also weekend camps for teachers training in few cities. 

Alongwith Sri Krishna Shastry, we will have other two experienced teachers
in spoken Sanskrit- Sri Vishwas, Chief Editor of the Sanskrit monthly
"Sambhashana Sandeshah" and Sri Vasuvaj, co-ordinator for Samskrita
Bharati in Kerala and Tamilnadu. Both of them have conducted more than 300
`Speak Sanskrit in 10 days' classes. 

Other than the 15 cities that Shri Shastry visited last year, we plan to
have these classes in few more cities where there is enough interest and
volunteers to co-ordinate. Cities where we will definitely have the
classes are San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, New Jersey, New York,
Philadelphia, Washington DC, Boston, Miami, Orlando, Columbus, Chicago and

NEED VOLUNTEERS : It will be a memorable experience to work with a group
of energetic and enthusiastic volunteers from all over USA to promote
Sanskrit. The tremendous interest for Samskrit in USA and the enthusiastic
work done by volunteers contributed to the great success last year. We
expect more volunteers to join us this year to take this movement to still
greater heights. Please send an email to volunteer. Any talent and any
amount of time you have will be useful (Even internet time is counted:) 

Venkatesh Murthy (vvmurthy at aol.com)
(815) 741-9553

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