Query: Brahmins and Vedic Schools.

Anshuman Pandey apandey at u.washington.edu
Sat Nov 23 10:48:13 UTC 1996

I am wondering whether there exists some sort of text or source which
provides details as to which vedic school a certain clan within a
certain brahmanical community (specifically: Kanaujiyas, Sarayuparis)

In regards to the Kanaujiyas and the Sarayuparis, there exist for these
communities documents called 'vanshavalis', but I simply cannot get ahold
of these documents. Surprisingly, the copy of the 'vanshavali' of the
Kanaujiyas is missing from the libraries here. It seems that even in Uttar
Pradesh - stronghold of these two groups - such documents are a rare find.

I immensely appreciate any leads or references to sources where I could
examine this issue in a greater light and in a more detailed manner.

Thank you.

Anshuman Pandey

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