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Das Menon dmenon at pacific.net.sg
Thu Nov 21 01:44:05 UTC 1996

At 10:07 AM 11/20/96 GMT, Lars Martin Fosse wrote:


> The bottom line
>is, however, the following: If several speakers of different Indic
>languages, none of whom have Hindi as a mother tongue, and given that none
>of them speak English, are having a chat, which language would they prefer
>to use as a means of communication? In principle any Indic language can be
>used, but I would guess that the one most frequently popping up would be

This depends on whether the two persons concerned are both of South Indian
ORigin, One from South India and the other from North India; or both from
North India.

I know for a fact that Indologist visitors to Kerala (my native State) from
Karnataka who does not speak English tends to communicate in Sanskrit rather
than in Hindi. This is confined to Indologists only, since most, if not all,
Indian Indologist knows Sanskrit as much as they know their on mother tounge.


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