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Wed Nov 20 15:28:50 UTC 1996

You might try

	Booksellers, Publishers, Exporters
	2/18 Ansari Road,
	New Delhi-110 002 (India)

They list Sita Ram Lalas's Brhad Rajasthani Kosh, vols. 1, 3 (pts 1-3),
4 (pts. 1-3) at a reasonable price ($4-l2 per pt. or vol.).  Lalas is
invaluable; there is also the recent Rajasthani-Hindi-English dictionary
by Bhamvaralala Suthara (Jodhpur, 1995), which is the only Rajasthani to
English dictionary available.

Badriprasad Sakariya's Rajasthani Hindi Sabda Kosa (3 vols.; Jaypur,
1977-1984) is another valuable tool.

All the above dictionaries tend to underrepresent Arabic and Persian terms
found in Rajasthani; for these Platts is more useful.

On Wed, 20 Nov 1996, Peter Flugel wrote:

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> Does anybody know where to get a Rajasthani (Marvari) dictionary. If 
> available at all?
> Peter Fluegel

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