Encyclopaedia of Kashmir Shaivism

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>I am trying to locate the "Encyclopaedia of Kashmir Shaivism" written by
>B.N. Pandit. I would very much appreciate if you could let me know where
>to find this book, the publisher , year, any other indication.

Some years ago I received from B.N.Pandit a request for  comments on the
first fascicle of his Kaazmiirazaivadarzanasya BRhatkoSaH (pp.1-52, a-aa),
Jammu 1985. Possibly this is the work you refer to. Unfortunately I don't
know of any further development of this project. Anyway, as far as I was
able to judge/guess from the first fascicle the quality of the work left
much to be desired.

> Do you know of other reference books on Kashmir Shaivism?

A volume on Kashmir Shaivism (by N. Rastogi and others) is under
preparation in the Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies published by Motilal

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