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in RV VIII, 25, 14-15:
        uta naH sindhur apaam tan marutas tad azvinaa /
        indro viSNur miiDhvaamsaH sajoSasaH //
        te hi Smaa vanuSo naro 'bhimaatim kayasya cit /
        tigmam na kSodaH pratighnanti bhuurNayaH //
A. Langlois in his translation (Rig Veda, Paris, 1872, VI, II, V, p. 419)
include _sindhur apaam_ in this list of warrior gods and translate him by
_le (dieu) qui lance la pluie_ (the god who throws the rain) and, in a
subsequent note, as being Parjanya!
        I would like to know if:
        1) the inclusion is syntactically correct ?
        2) _sindhur apaam_ is an elsewhere attested designation for Parjanya ?
I would prefer the general meaning:
        for us the waters because:
        1) some gods are with us
        2) in battle they act as furious waters
But I am not a specialist (I don't understand very well the two _tad_) and
an expert advice would help me!
        many thanks,

Dominique Thillaud - Universite de Nice - Sophia Antipolis
email : thillaud at unice.fr

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