Madhav's dhik taan!

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Tue Nov 19 23:51:30 UTC 1996

Thanks to Ashok, and to Madhav himself, now we know.

However, as so often, there seems to be more than one solution to the
riddle: I seem to be on another, more hidden track going back to
still older, if not Vedic antecedents: 

Madhav's last line was:

>> dhik taan dhik taan dhig etaan kathayati satatam kiirtanastho   
m.rdanga.h . <<

Yesterday I remembered the first line, an iti-quote, just as in Ashok's 
second contribution:

	bato bataasi jarjara / naiva te mano hrdayam caavidaama / 

but now also the second part of this direct speech: 

	haye jaDa manasaa tiSTha ghora / vacaaMsi medhaa krNavaavahai nu /

which is in good meter this time, though not yet leading to the rest, the
last 2 lines of the stanza. 

What was the intention of the poet? Note the dead, deafening silence
after:  jarjara,  in the first line, and the anacoluthic speech in the
second line.  Clearly, the poet alludes to the state of mind of the one
addressed in the stanza. 

I still cannot remember the next line...

Can anybody help? It should make the switch, somewhat similar to Madhav's
second stanza, from direct speech to the Shlesa drum description. A hint
to this is given already in the first line, by mentioning jarjara,
the stick of the Suutradhaara (IIJ 16,253) in the opening sequence of the 


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