On Bindi, Tikka or Tilak

Inst. Of Asian Cultures asia at server.uwindsor.ca
Sun Nov 17 21:21:46 UTC 1996

Dear Indologists,

I write this on behalf of a colleague who is not a member of this list. 
She says:

    I am still looking for documentation on the linkage between the 
    "tikka" worn on Hindu women's foreheads and the concept of Shakti. I'd 
    appreciate anything you might be able to tell me.  Keep in touch.  

I remember having read a few posts on this subject but I am not sure if 
they appeared on this list. Since I have been unable to search the 
Indology archives (I have misplaced the http://... address), hence this 
request for assistance. Would appreciate your indulgence in this matter.


Sushil Jain
asia at uwindsor.ca

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