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Dear friends !!

You may be interested in joining this effort. If so, please join the mailing
list by contacting samhita at mindspring.com

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		Samhita - Vedic electronic magazine 
		_______   _________________________

*****    samhita is all set to roll out its first issue soon, Join the  *****
*****    mailing list by sending a message to samhita at mindspring.com    *****

What is samhita ??

- - ---  samhita is a vedic word. The word means a congregation of several   ---
- - ---  independent units. Like any other vedic word, it has also got much  --- 
- - ---  more deeper meaning !!                                              ---

SrI ViSwanAtha acyuta dEva rAyalu, former chief engineer, Doordarshan of 
India, and the son of the first gjnAnapITha recipient in telugu late SrI 
ViSwanAtha satyanarayana, is an accomplished writer, author of many books 
and novels in English and Telugu. He has been doing active research in 
Vedas and Vedic Science for the past 8-10 years and has been proposing 
many new and innovative ideas to save the vedic literature and culture.

SrI Rayalu has an Engineering background and has gathered vast experience 
by being closely associated with mahatma gandhi, SrI Sarvepalli RadhakRshNa, 
the first vice president of India and other such eminent personalities and 
stalwarts while on his job and otherwise and has acquired a tremendous 
wealth of knowledge that any one can be benefitted with. While carrying
fundamental and active research on vedas and vedic science, he has published 
widely on several topics and produced several research papers. His voice 
speaks of logic. His opinions are educative, enlightening and authoritative. 
He sees things from a different angle and explains them in an easily 
comprehensible way that one wonders how those points appeared to be 
elusive before, after getting to know them through Sri Rayalu. 

His ideas and his research are well received and highly applauded in many 
international conferences and symposiums including the recently held 
international conference on Indo saraswati civilization in Atlanta in 
October, 1996, where he presented a paper on "Vedic Language".

Vedic language is NOT Sanskrit. Vedas have their own language. Vedas and
their message are not limited to a RELIGION, a LANGUAGE or a SECTION 
OF THE SOCIETY and VEDIC VOICE should NOT BE misunderstood for dogmatic 
and religious propaganda. VEDAS ARE FOR EVERYONE'S SPIRITUAL AND 
PSYCHOLOGICAL ENLIGHTENMENT says SrI Rayalu. He has been running a regular
(in print) news magazine in english by name -- Cultural Gazzette -- the 
voice and message of vedas -- for a couple of years for now, from Los 
Angeles, CA, where he is settled now and is on his path to spread out the 
vedic ideas wide and loud with his highly scientific, logical and 
analytical approach. 

Samhita - a Vedic magazine in cyber space - is rolling out soon, its first 
issue in which SrI Rayalu is talking about "What are Vedas ?? What is in 
Vedas ?? What do Vedas consist of ?? What is not in Vedas ??" and more of
such interesting and enlightening topics among other things. SrI rAyalu says 
that one has to read the Vedas on his own to know what is in there in addition
to reading the commentaries written by others. He has collected and read a 
lot on Vedas including the Sanskrit manuscripts and numerous commentaries 
from Sankara BAshyam, yAgjnavalkyam, prAtiSAkhyam to the views of MAX MULLER
and other westerners who did some work on Vedas. SrI Rayalu after his 
extensive reading and research on the subject, speaks of how much of a TRUTH 
is involved in popular beliefs and misbeliefs on Vedas and their content.

"samhita" is a magazine in cyber space that is being published in ENGLISH 
from -- samhita at mindspring.com -- and the later issues are planned to roll 
out once every three/four weeks. This Vedic electronic magazine will be 
a group of Vedic ideas, one small collection at a time. Hence its name is 
SAMHITA. The aim of this samhita is to combine with the intellectual samhitas 
of each of its readers and become a bigger samhita. It is a free mailing list 
and anyone can share these ideas with anyone interested in spreading the 
vedic message.

This magazine is maintained as a FREE electronic mailing list but any 
discussions/criticism/questions/answers/comments about samhita and about 
the issues published in samhita are encouraged through this mailing list 
ONLY. If you are interested in this effort, please join the mailing list 
by sending an e-mail to samhita at mindspring.com, mentioning your name and 
return e-mail address in your message.


- - - Ram (Ramabhadra Dokka from samhita at mindspring.com)

P.S. : Please spread this exciting word to your interested friends...

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