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Tue Nov 12 16:44:15 UTC 1996

This is probably the last question regarding the first 10 parts of the
Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth:

1] the dedication

To Papa and Mama and the memory of Amma

(this is not for the translation, just to know it) Is Amma grandmother here?

2] cunni

on the p. 29 (1.11):

At the medical college in Brahmpur, and before that, when she had studied
Intermediate Science in Agra, Malati had had a lot to put up with: teasing,
gossip, the pulling of the light chunni around her neck, and remarks such as
'She wants to be a boy.' This was very far from the truth.

if the chunni is hindi cunnii, what is the meaning here?

thank you, Jan Dvorak

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