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Indology members (and all others interested) residing in New England 
(and beyond) are cordially invited to



November 22-24, 1996 

at Emerson Hall, Harvard University

It is feared that in until the end of this decade another 25,000 newly 
married women will be burnt to death in India by their in-laws over dowry 
disputes. According to the Home Ministry, Govt. of India, the number of 
dowry deaths was 4,277 in 1993 and 5,817 in 1994. The unofficial numbers 
are much higher, and they are rising every year. The practice has by now 
spread to neighboring countries and to the UK, and related occurences are 
reported from the US, too.  
After delineating the problem and indicating some approaches to possible
solutions last year, this meeting will be of workshop style to discuss
future avenues, activities and procedures. A third conference is planned
to take place next year in India or England.

Registration: Saturday, November  22, 7  p.m., Emerson Hall 101,
Harvard University. No registration fee.
Begin: Saturday Nov. 22, at 7:30 p.m.

For further information, please contact:
Prof. M. Witzel			               Mr. H. B. Thakur
Chair, Committee on		               Chair, Board of Directors
South Asian Studies  		               Internat. Society Against 
Harvard University                             Bride Burning in India, Inc.

Conference Office: 53 Church Street, Cambridge MA 
Phone: 617-496-8570 (M. Witzel)  			
       508-546-7354 (H. Thakur)
Fax:   508-646-6981
Mailing address:  P.O.Box 8766, Salem, MA 01971, USA

Sponsored by:
Committee on			               International Society
South Asian Studies			       Against Dowry and
Harvard University			       Bride Burning in India

Details to follow; watch also

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