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Mon Nov 4 11:34:31 UTC 1996

Good point Gautama.  The reading as altered was not a mere replacement of
the word " with, but a few other changes to make the meter
work.  It was something like 
I am not sure such an altered reading appeared in any printed materials,
but there is no doubt in my mind about my noticing a different reading in
the printed text from what was taught to us and my asking the teachers
about it.  To that extent, I am reporting an event rather than a
	Madhav Deshpande

On Mon, 4 Nov 1996, Gautama Vajra Vajracharya wrote:

> Dear colleagues,
> I went to a traditional Sanskrit School where I composed Sanskrit zlokas
> almost every single day. I still remember that in the school a violation of
> laws of meter was never tolerated.  Therefore it is difficult for me to
> believe that Madhav Deshpande's Sanskrit teachers in order to avoid
> obscenity altered the word "zaSpam" with "tRNam" in Kalidasa's zloka
> "gaGgAprapAtAnta..." The zloka is in the upajAti meter which does not allow
> to replace "zaSpam" with "tRNam" at the end of a pAda.  Think about it.
> Gautama Vajracharya

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