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Sat Nov 2 09:33:37 UTC 1996

        Searching dirty words in dictionnaries is a well known childhood's
game, a fun one, and, reading indologist's answers, I feel a pleasant
        Well. But I'm yet an adult, and with a great interest for languages!
        The answers seem to me a bit poor when restrained to two or three
words: the vocabulary of the sex is a very rich one and stupendously
poetic. In french, we can find nearly hundred syntagma for each of the
three basic words (two names and a verb). And all this words are not
'popular' ones (cf the preface of SEGHERS Pierre, _Anthologie de la poesie
erotique_). I can't believe poorer an extremely rich language as sanskrit!
        And this words are words! they are true human productions, their
scholarly study has nothing to do with prudery!
        And sex is not limited to three words! So, for example, who can
give a translation in sanskrit of this charming litterary terms: _fille de
joie_, _main galante_, _re'veil berbe`re_, _langue fourre'e_, _cravate de
notaire_, _feuille de rose_ or _store ve'nitien_ (I use french because it
seems to me a new equivalent of latin: not understand by prude people). But
I suppose it would be better to use private e-mail for such mailing,
sparing all susceptibilities.

Dominique Thillaud - Universite de Nice - Sophia Antipolis
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