Req: "dirty" words in Sanskrit

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Fri Nov 1 22:47:50 UTC 1996

At 23:23 1.11.1996 +0000, Narayan S. Raja wrote:
>On Fri, 1 Nov 1996, Allen Thrasher wrote:
>> The y-root is the equivalent of the f-word.  Otherwise there are no taboo
>> words I can think of, indeed one of the oddities of Sanskrit is that the
>> vocabulary for sexual parts or things has no particular distinction into
>> the obscene, the neutral, the euphuistic, the medical, etc.; the words are
>> unmarked that way.
>> (Or are they, and we are just deceived because the
>> traditional dictionaries work by series of synonyms, and in fact words
>> have differences of meaning and use the dictionaries don't discuss?
>Maybe there's no such thing as
>"colloquial Sanskrit", hence the
>lack of dirty words.  Are there dirty
>words in Esperanto?  -- or in ASL
>(American Sign Language)?

In Esperanto there are dirty words. "Fiki" and "kaco" come to my mind off
my head. They correspond to the English 5-letter-words beginning in the
same letters, incidentally. Both are adopted from Italian.



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