Q: Kalividambanam

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Fri May 31 05:43:01 UTC 1996

>On Wed, 29 May 1996, Ganesan wrote:
>>    Q: Works like Kalividambanam
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>> I want to read works of the sort of kalividambanam by Nilakanta Diksitar.
>> On social satire. Any other famous ones in  Sanskrit?

I remember reading a translation of the Pallava king Mahendra Verma's
Mattavilasa Prahasana - I thought at the time that it was a satire.
However, I'm not sure about the famous part - anyway how would you measure 
fame in the context of indology? Number of references in contemporary 
works/later works, variety of works/contexts in which a text or a part
of the text is cited? Though the Mahabharatha story may be known throughout 
India, this doesn't mean that Vyasa's work is famous - which makes it even
more difficult to measure fame.

Kishore Krshna
kishore at mail.utexas.edu

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