Abstracts on INDOLOGY

Mikael Aktor aktor at coco.ihi.ku.dk
Fri May 24 12:45:10 UTC 1996

Just a suggestion:

There seems to be some embarrassment surrounding information from
list-members about their own publications. Often they are introduced with
apologies for self-advertising. This is quite unnecessary, since abstracts
of what is being published are useful for all of us. Why not rather make it
a routine to send an abstract to INDOLOGY when an article / book /
dissertation has been published / passed? If only people state in the
subject-line that their message is an abstract this should not be a burden
to anyone. Perhaps these abstracts could even be filed separately on the
INDOLOGY Web-pages.

Best regards

Mikael Aktor, Research Fellow, cand.phil.

Department of History of Religions, University og Copenhagen,
Njalsgade 80, DK-2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark.

Phone: (45) 3532 8954 - Fax: (45) 3532 8956 - E-mail: aktor at coco.ihi.ku.dk

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