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Fri May 24 02:41:06 UTC 1996

Astronomy, Indian - Recent Publications
Here is a listing of some recent publications on ancient Indian
astronomy that may be of interest to some members of this group.
Hooda, D.S. and J.N. Kapur.  Aryabhata: life and contributions. 
New Age Internationa, New Delhi, 1996.  Content: History of
ancient Indian Astronomy and mathematics; Life history of
Aryabhata; The Aryaabhatiya; Contributions of Aryabhata in
mathematics; [and] ... in astronomy; Relevance of Aryabhata to
modern mathematics and science.
Kak, Subhash. The Astronomical Code of the R.gveda. Aditya
Prakashan, Delhi, 1995. (The author is a professor at Louisiana
State University).
Mahasiddhanta (a treatise on astronomy) of Aryabhata, ed. with
commentary by Pt. Sudhakara Dvivedi. Reprint.  Chaukhamba
Sanskrit Pratishthan, Delhi, 1995.
Vartak, Padmakar Vishnu.  Scientific knowledge in the Vedas. 
Nag, Delhi, 1995.

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