[Q]jyoti.h'saastra - what is "catarchic"?

thayashi at doshisha.ac.jp thayashi at doshisha.ac.jp
Mon May 20 03:01:05 UTC 1996

At  7:29 PM 96.5.17 +0100, Birgit Kellner wrote:
>Anyway, thank you for the reference. And: Would there, by any chance, be a
>Japanese translation of the revered Neugebauer-book? 

O. Negebauer, _The Exact Sciences in Antiquity_, 2nd edition, Brown
University 1957.  Reprinted, Dover 1969.  Japanese translation: _Kodai no
seimitsu kagaku_, translated by M. Yano and Saito, Tokyo: Kouseisha
Kouseikaku (the date I do not remember now).  

This is indeed a standard work to be read by any person who is interested
in ancient astronomy and mathematics but it does not deal much with
astrology.  As a nice introduction to ancient and medieval astrology, I
would recommend Pingree's article in _Dictionary of the History of Ideas --
Studies of Selected Pivotal Ideas, ed. by Philip P. Wiener, et al. (Charles
Scribners Sons 1968, 1973).  Its Japanese translation, if you prefer, will
be found in _Chi no matorikusu_, Hisutorii obu aidhiazu 9, Tokyo: Heibonsha


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