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Sat May 18 18:19:45 UTC 1996

Leonard Zwilling writes:

>Can someone direct me to any work which has been done on invective or
>verbal abuse in sanskrit or prakrit literature, or discussions of those
>subjects in the literatures themselves? In his commentary to the
>vinayapiTaka Buddhaghosa quots from an akkosaniddesa, so it appears that
>such treatments were not entirely unknown. Needless to say the study of
>maledicta can provide important social and cultural information. Thanks in

This is perhaps not very helpful ! But I doubt that akkosa-niddese at Sp
III 548 refers to the title of a work. It is probably just a reference to
the following sequence of explanations of the words used in the 'akkosa'
which is being commented on. It does not appear to be found elsewhere in
the commentarial literature.

Lance Cousins

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