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Fri May 17 15:07:52 UTC 1996

Jonathan Silk writes:

>Does anyone know:
>a)  whether Francois BIZOT has an email or snailmail address?

No email. He has several snailmail addresses. He is currently in Laos but
spends long periods in France. Email me if you still need the address.

>b)  whether it is possible to get a copy of a paper he delivered at the 10th
>International Conference of the International Association of Buddhist Studies
>s, July 1991) on " The obscure 'Yogavacara's manual' edited by T. W. Rhys
>Davids in 1896"

The paper was not given.

>I understand Bizot thinks this text is a Khmer composition, and wish I had
>more details.

What would have been in the paper and much  more is in:

Bizot, F., _Le Chemin de Lankaa_, Textes bouddhiques du Cambodge, École
française d'Extrême-Orient, Paris, 1992.

Lance Cousins

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