Hinduism and Human Rights

Mikael Aktor aktor at coco.ihi.ku.dk
Fri May 17 08:47:30 UTC 1996

At 12:15 AM 5/17/96 BST, Sushil Mittal wrote:

>how does Hindu culture/s view
>human rights issues?  An analysis of human rights issues through multiple
>Hindu viewpoints will help us to reinterpret and reconstruct prevailing
>theories of human rights. In any case, references to published material on
>Hinduism and human rights will be much appreciated. 

At the coming "14th European Conference on Modern South Asian Studies" in
Copenhagen, August 21-24, one of the panels is on "Human rights: European,
Asian and Universal". It is convened by Dr. Stig Toft Madsen and addresses
particualarly the issue of relations between international aid and demands
for human rights with regard to South Asia. Further information about this
particular panel can be had from:

Dr. Stig Toft Madsen, University of Lund, Institute of Sociology of Law,
Bredgatan 4, S-22221 Lund, Sweden.

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