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 kue> Subject: Re: Q: Westerners taking away manuscripts

>Agehananda Bharati recounts somewhere that an Indian army officer
>once claimed that Argentina got its name because Arjuna, the
>Pandava, conquered South America!

 kue> I remember leafing through a book that used etymology to
 kue> make similar
 kue> claims about the incas(?) - the author started with "machu"
 kue> pichu which
 kue> is the city of steps (machu in tamil refers to steps) and
 kue> went through
 kue> a whole bunch of words and grammar. I thought this was more
 keu> wishful thinking than anything else.

Do the people on INDOLOGY know about the beautiful books "Hindu America" by
Chaman Lal (in English) and "America as Ruled by Karnatakans" by
Venugopalacharya (in Kannada)? How's that for wishful thinking?...

With regard to F. Moksamula Bhatta: is it true that he never visited India? It
must have been difficult, then, to steal all that Vedic wisdom.

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