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Jean-Luc Chevillard jlc at
Thu May 16 11:01:02 UTC 1996

At 21:40 15/05/1996 BST, you wrote:
>Does anyone know:
>a)  whether Francois BIZOT has an email or snailmail address?

He has recently acquired that facility
but I am not sure he uses it regularly
(E-mail:  bizot at  )

I think it is better to use snailmail or Fax

 François Bizot
 37, rue de Chazelles
 F-75O17 PARIS
 TEL. (33) (1) 43 80 00 61
 FAX  (33) (1) 40 53 89 67

I believe he is currently in Paris
But beware that he spends half of his time
in Vientiane (LAOS) at the EFEO Center
 Ecole Française d'Extrême-Orient
 BP 3248
 Rue Mahosot

TEL. (856) 21 21 52 52
FAX   (856) 21 21 74 19

-- Jean-Luc Chevillard
   CNRS -- Univ. Paris7
   (former member of EFEO, India)

>b)  whether it is possible to get a copy of a paper he delivered at the 10th
>International Conference of the International Association of Buddhist Studies
>s, July 1991) on " The obscure 'Yogavacara's manual' edited by T. W. Rhys
>Davids in 1896"
>I understand Bizot thinks this text is a Khmer composition, and wish I had
>more details.
>Thanks for any help,

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