Q: Westerners taking away manuscripts

VB bandi at cs.umn.edu
Thu May 16 17:30:36 UTC 1996

> By the way, such tales of the Oriental pre-cursors of European achievement
> are ubiquitous in other countries, not just India.  There is a lovely
> middle-eastern story that I have heard from Beirut about a late 15th
> century arab child-poet called Sheikh Zubeir.  The young Zubeir composed a
> set of poetic dramas of such piercing beauty that he was kidnapped by some
> English traders who brought him up in London and made him forget his
> origins, changing his name to Shakespeare.
> --
> Dominik Wujastyk

	Similar tale told by a tamil friend of mine: only here, his
original name is Sheshappa Iyer. :)

	Another one: Champagne was originally made in india under the
name Champaagni.


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