[Q]jyoti.h'saastra - what is "catarchic"?

mgansten at sbbs.se mgansten at sbbs.se
Thu May 16 10:10:24 UTC 1996

Birgit Kellner wrote:

>A student at our institute wants to study jyoti.h'saastra and came across
>the expression "catarchic astrology". Would any of the distinguished
>list-members know what it means? We could't find this expression in any
>available dictionary. 

No more than a guess: could it perhaps be a misspelling of "catachric"? I
haven't seen this term either, but it is not inconceivable that it could be
related to "catachresis", i.e., [improper] blending -- in this connection
perhaps of astrological systems.

Maybe someone else knows more, or has a more plausible theory? And perhaps
it would help to know where this expression is met with?

Martin Gansten
mgansten at sbbs.se

> From D-JOHN4 at vm1.spcs.umn.edu 16 96 May CDT 07:10:28
Date: 16 May 96 07:10:28 CDT
From: Donald C Johnson <D-JOHN4 at vm1.spcs.umn.edu>
Subject: Q: Westerners taking away manuscripts

While there is no doubt that some manuscripts left India for western
libraries one also should remember that the Government of India passed a
law in 1868 setting aside funds each year to preserve and to collect
Sanskrit manuscripts.  The collected manuscripts were to remain in India
to strengthen Sanskrit scholarship there.  The result of this government
legislation can be seen in such noted research centers in India as the
Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute (the Bombay Government
collection), the Madras Government Oriental Manuscripts Library, and a
great strengthening of the Asiatic Society of Bengal library.
Specifically regarding the Tanjore Collection, Georg Buhler, Educational
Inspector for the Northern District of Bombay Presidency, was asked by
the Government of India about the value and importance of the Tanjore
Collection since it was going through a period of neglect and decline.
Buhler suggested that the Government of India purchase the library to
prevent further decline.  Alas the Government of India did not follow
his recommendation.

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