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 Kuaz> Dominik Wujastyk wrote--

>Secondly, I don't think medieval Latin was particularly artifical in any
>meaningful sense.  In fact, one reason why it is so difficult is that it
>is heavily coloured by the vernacular languages of the countries in which
>it was used, and this is because it was growing closer to the vernaculars,

 Kuaz> Isn't it possible to say precisely the same thing about
 Kuaz> Sanskrit language
 Kuaz> because I believe it is also heavily coloured by Indian
 Kuaz> vernaculars. [...]
 Kuaz> I have a strong
 Kuaz> feeling that Sanskrit syntax is influenced by many South
 Kuaz> Indian languages.

My hunch is that Sanskrit is very similar to later Latin in this regard. Though
I haven't done any proper research in this direction, I sense that different
parts of India had, for instance, different preferences in vocabulary whenever
there was a choice between synonyms, and also for different verb forms and
syntactical constructions. A great deal of research still needs to be done on

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