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Thu May 9 05:00:04 UTC 1996

Dear Indology list members:

The problem mentioned regarding fonts is not limited to Sanskrit fonts, nor is
it the same for different systems and printers.

The basis of the confusion is that printers (and operting systems) reserve
some character positions for control codes. Since most fonts traditionally do
not use characters above 128, some printers assume that they can use them, and
do. Many printers use the code 160, for example.

The more intelligent word processors, like MS Word, know that the printer
cannot use a paricaular character position and thus show you what will print,
a blank space. On the other hand, more simple ones, like Write, will show
characters even if they will print as a blank space. 

Some font packages, like Adobe, will actually allow you to use the character
position and change it to another position when it is sent to the printer.

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