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I am forwarding an information request about accents in Sanskrit. I have
already suggested 'A Vedic Sanskrit Grammar' by Mcdonell. That is probably 
about one century old so hopefully the paNDitas will have more up to date

Many thanks in advance & bye,

Girish Beeharry

From: "Galina A. Badioulina" <gab at>
Date: Tue,  7 May 96 16:45:40 +0400
Subject: Sanskrit accentuation?

 I'm a student at the Oriental Department of Saint-Petersburg University,
Russia, and I'm trying to study Sanskrit on my own. I have a question
regarding the rules of accentuation in Sanskrit: one of the only two
available to me states that accents should always be placed according to
Latin accentuation, but the second book declares that such situation takes
place only in a certain amount of cases because much oftener the "right"
accentuation is known, and the accent can fall, for example, on the last
syllable. So, which is the right way?
 And, besides, could anyone recommend me a textbook which is considered
an authority on the subject, please?
 Thanks in advance.

Galina Badioulina                         gab at

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