Reincarnation, a New Age fad? (was: Gymnosophists)

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Tue May 7 12:06:24 UTC 1996

Yvette C. Rosser wrote:

>BTW, the likes of Pat Robertson undoubtedly think that reincarnation and
>karma, and beliefs central to many Indic religions, are New Age fads
>(designed by Satan!) and that Hinduism is an evil cult bent on mind

Re the concept fad: In my opinion, for something to be more than a fad it
would have to influence sections of a population profoundly for a long
period, to the extent that the ideas involved become institutionalized
(churches, congregations, organizations etc.). I would still claim that
most of the ideas that have reached us from India during the last decades
are "being tested" in Western society. With the spread of neo-racism and
right-wing ideas, such ideas may lose ground precisely because they are
derived from the East. Personally, I do not find it more objectionable that
people believe in reincarnation than that they believe in the Christian

I would very much appreciate it if you did not associate me with people
like Pat Robertson. I am a sceptical rationalist and prefer to have my
views on reality shaped by modern scholarship and science, not by the sort
of ideas propagated by Robertson and his ilk.

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