Borrowings ( was Re: Filliozat, etc.)

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at
Tue May 7 10:35:46 UTC 1996

On Mon, 6 May 1996, Narayan S. Raja wrote:

> I was under the impression that the
> systematic study of grammar/language is
> considered an uncontroversial example
> of  Greek "borrowing" from India... or
> am I mistaken?

I'm afraid you are mistaken.  There is no evidence whatsoever to show that
the Greeks had ever heard of Panini or his school, or any Indian
grammatical school, let alone been influenced by them.  Greek grammar as
such started with Dionysius Thrax, and was developed more as a system of
language learning (paradigms) and literary appreciation than linguistics

Dominik Wujastyk

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