Wikner PK files

Kengo Harimoto kharimot at sas.upenn.edu
Tue May 7 07:54:53 UTC 1996

Dear Prof. William Douglas and members of the list,

I think I am successfully running Wikner's sanskrit package on my Mac.  
Instead of making all the pk files needed for Sanskrit package, I just 
let MakeTeXPK + MF generate necessary pk files on the fly.  

Although MakeTeXPK is a part of CMacTeX distribution, it also has been a 
part of, or recommended for the OzTeX distribution for a year or so.

By the way, how was the porting of the preprocessor done?  I have 
compiled the source code with minimum modification.  This means the 
preprocessor uses default console included in CodeWarriar's ANSI 

However, the interface is not very much like a Mac application.  So, I 
have been thinking of making the preprocessor a drag-and-droppable 
application.  If the porting was done in this sense, there is no reason 
for me to do so.  I would appreciate if Prof. Douglas could enlighten me 
on this.

Also, If there are interests in the binary of the preprocessor, I will 
put it on my home page.

Finally, a question regarding the skt font:
I personally feel the tracking of the skt font (for that matter, the dn 
font also) is a bit too wide.  I believe there is a way to reduce the 
value of tracking of those fonts.  But I am not familiar with Metafont 
source, so I have been unable to do it myself.  Is there a way to do 

With Best Regards,

-- Kengo
  <mailto:kharimot at sas.upenn.edu>

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