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 jdcu> Is not this wishful thinking? What did the Greeks have
 jdcu> that would have
 jdcu> been of any value to the Indians? They already had a rich
 jdcu> philosophic
 jdcu> language and tradition, and a highly analytic one at that.
 jdcu> The Greeks
 jdcu> had no apparent tradition of meditation or spiritual
 jdcu> techniques.

Halbfass (in his _Indien und Europa_) mentions Greek influence in astronomy and
astrology, noting that there are traces of European terminology ("horaa", for
instance) and even indications in titles, such as "yavanazaastram". There are
also such references in Al-Biruni's work on India (again mentioned in Halbfass'

 jdcu> Greek thought up to and beyond Plato, right up to Plotinus, I
 jdcu> would say, laid
 jdcu> alongside Indian thought like Buddhism and Vedanta is
 jdcu> nothing better than
 jdcu> infantile gropings.

Yea. (I hope there are heads of philosophy departments in the West seeing

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