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Girish Beeharry wrote:
>I would very much appreciate information on the following please:

1) I have read that G. Cardona projected to write a 8 volume series on
PaaNini's grammar; the first one being 'PaaNini, his work and its
traditions', publ. Motilal Banarsidass(1988). How far has it now reached
and what are the next titles please? 

2) Has anyone on this list read MiimaaMsaka YudhishhThira's 'sanskrita
vyaakaraNa-shaastra kaa itihaasa' (tiin bhaagoN meN puurNa) [in Hindi],
publ. Bhaaratiiya Praachyavidyaa PratishhThaan, Ajmer (1973)? Could you
please say whether it is a complete survey of grammatical literature?

3) What book(s) would you recommend for someone wishing to have a good
grasp on the subject of Sanskrit grammars, both PaaNinian and others, 
(Hindi & English preferably) please?<

Since Prof. Cardona is a member of this list, I suppose he will answer at
least question (1).

Y. Miimaa.msaka's SVSI is a monument of dedicated work carried out in often
unfavourable circumstances. No other account of Sanskrit grammatical
literature is as comprehensive as his. Miimaa.msaka's general stance is
that of an Arya Samajist historian and he was not familiar (because of
library limitations,I suppose) with much work on Skt grammar published
outside India. Still, if one learns to take his dating and chronology
cautiously, his work can be put to much good use. Please note, however,
that there is an expanded more recent edition different from the one you
refer to (in the entry I am reproducing below some letters with diacritical
marks must be figured out on the strength of contexxt): 
Yudhi  hira M^ma saka. 1984 = sa vat 2041. Sa sk ta vyakara a- astra ka
itihasa. 3 volumes. Last, expanded edition= fourth edition of vol. 1, third
of vol. 2, and second of vol. 3.  Bahalaga ha: Author. Distributor:
Ramalala Kapura  ras a, Bahalaga ha. 

In response to your question 3, I have found Prof. Cardona's volume to
which you refer and Prof. Ram Nath Sharma's A.s.taadhyaayii translation to
be most helpful. There is also a useful translation by Prof. S.D. Joshi
being published by Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi.  -- aklujkar
ashok aklujkar
Professor, Dept. of Asian Studies, University of British Columbia,
Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6T 1Z2

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