Bharhut stupa

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Mon May 6 01:38:46 UTC 1996

I have no personal experience with this subject, but I'm listing below some
books that may be helpful in your quest.

Coomaraswamy, A.K. History of Indian and Indonesian Art, New York, 1927.
----. Elements of Buddhist Iconography.  Cambridge, Mass.1935
----. "The Two Reliefs from Bharhut in the Freer Gallery."  J. of the Indian
Society of Oriental Art. Vol. VI, 1938.
----.  La Sculpture de Bharhut.  Tr. de Jean Buhot. SParis, 1956.

Cunningham, A. The Stupa of Bharhut.  London, 1879.
Barua, B. Bharhut. Calcutta, 1934.
Barua, B. and Sinha, K.G.  Bharhut Inscriptions.  Calcutta, 1926.

I realise these references are all a bit old.  Hope they are helpful.
Amita Sarin

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