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Fri May 3 00:17:55 UTC 1996

Dear Stan Rice,
I have created a stoneware sculpture using the symbol om;
it measures about 42" in diameter and 4' thick. You can see
this work at and within the same
group of webpages is another sculpture which I call the 'patriot'; it 
toois based upon sanskrit symbols. Enjoy, and I would be 
interested in your comments and other links to similar type work
that you are aware of online.  Best Wishes, jim cuddeback
> Dear Indologists,
> Does anyone know of a collection (book, files, visual references, etc)
> of classic or modern OM symbols? Hinduism Today has a small collection
> on their web page, but reproductions of historical symbols seem hard
> to come by. Any references will be appreciated, especially if from
> available sources.  
> Thanks, Stan Rice
> -- 
> Stan Rice, Autospec Inc, srice at  

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