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      Traditional Indian Architecture

'sacred', 'ritual', 'metaphysical' 'space-time'
There must be atleast 1000+ books/reports using these words.
(One can search the library catalogs of UT, Austin, UC, Berkeley,
UPenn, UChicago, UWisconsin, UWashington, Seattle + European lib.)

Frech Institute of Indology, Pondichery published several books
(Bruno Dagens, He recently translated a French book on Angkor.
Paperback, H. N. Abrams, NY. Inexpensive & good, many photos.
H. Brunner?etc.,)

I especially liked Michael W. Meister's article in
Emily Lyle, Sacred architecture in the traditions of India, China, Judaism 
& Islam, Edinburgh university press, 1992
(I have the photocopy somewhere)

Jan Pieper, Ritual space in India: studies in architectural
anthropology, London, 1980, AARp

A. Snodgross, Architecture, time and eternity: studies in the stellar
and temporal symbolism of traditional buildings, 2v., 1990 Delhi

S. Kramrisch, The Hindu temple, G. Michell's Hindu temple,
his very recent book on Nayak architecture,

and so on ....

N. Ganesan
nas_ng at lms420.jsc.naas.gov

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