SOAS on-line?

tantrapl at tantrapl at
Wed Jul 31 18:20:53 UTC 1996

Dear list members,
first of all I'd like to thank very much indeed Birte Plutat and Gabriele 
Zeller from Germany for their infos on German libraries.
In fact, I have similar difficulties with GB. I can access Oxford libraries
but London seems to be out of reach. School of Oriental and African Studies
when contacted by telned sends a fraction of a second info that one should
contact Then under the given address, all you can get (or
it's only my case?) is rejecting the demand to connect (that 
is SOAS) because there is some other way to get the connection + an info
stating that you have to be authorised to get any connection via this very 
server. No info on how to get the authorisation.
So, if somebody from the list would like to suggest me any solution for
checking books in English libraries (for the same problem occurs in
connection with other servers of English libraries) please let me know.
Also, if anybody who has access to indological libraries in GB were so nice
as to check only one book for me it would be great help for me. I have
already checked universities in Hong Kong (the place the book issued),
almost all Dutch and Austrian libraries as well as Tuebingen and the
Congress Library. All in vain. Would anybody like to help me?
If so please address me in private: tantrapl at
							Leslaw Borowski

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