Siddha Yoga

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Wed Jul 31 09:31:56 UTC 1996

Dear List Members,
I am collecting materials on Swami Muktananda and Siddha Yoga. I lack
materials on:
1) the organisation ie SYDA Foundation, its statut, goals, structure,
financing etc. Members of SY don't want to say anything about such
earthly matters;
2) the transmission of power from Swami Muktananda to Swami Chidvilasananda
and Swami Nityananda. Members of SY don't want to say anything about it
because Swami Nityananda resigned from his function in strange (and partly
unknown to me) circumstances; (I quess I could find materials on that in Shree-Gurudev
Vani but SY members don't want to give them)
3) the position of swamis in SY: their obligation and privileges.
Also, I don't have complete information on
4) Muktanandas trips to the West.
If anybody could point to me the sources for the said subjects I would be
extremely grateful
			Leslaw Borowski

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