how to reference list discussions

Peter J. Claus pclaus at
Wed Jul 31 18:17:37 UTC 1996

Good Question!  There have been times I have wondered this too. But there 
are several sides to this... Is it like "personal communication" or like 
a published quote if it is on the LIST itself (rather than just email 
correspondence between member)?  

Other questions: should we ask the person for his/her permission to quote 
off the LIST?  If not, how will it affect the LIST's correspondence to 
think that one might be quoted in an article?

If the LIST-quoted portion of an author's a reply to a specific request 
for information, and there is a lot of this in a given article, would the 
article then be like joint authorship?

I'm sure there are lots of such questions.  I like the idea of using the 
list to get information and thought, but I think it does create the 
possibility of some new forms of scholarship/writting/authorship that 
need to be discussed.

Peter Claus

On Wed, 31 Jul 1996, George Thompson wrote:

> Date: Wed, 31 Jul 1996 01:45:46 BST
> From: George Thompson <thompson at>
> To: Members of the list <indology at>
> Subject: how to reference list discussions
> Dear Indologists,
> Perhaps rather like a hunter finishing off a wounded deer, I am presently
> trying to put a paper that I am writing out of its misery, with finishing
> touches such as completed endnotes and full bibliographic references. My
> question to you is this: how does one reference an Indology List discussion
> [for example]?  I have never referenced such a thing before, nor have I
> ever encountered anyone else's attempt at doing so.  Is there an
> established convention for this sort of thing?
> Sincerely,
> George Thompson

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