how to reference list discussions

Vidyasankar Sundaresan vidya at
Wed Jul 31 07:58:05 UTC 1996

> Personal emails should be treated as Personal Communications and would not
> need exact dates. I do, however, think that it is useful to make a
> difference between public discussions and private PCs.

Good point. It might also help to give the URL of the Indology archive
site as part of the citation. Thus, a format could be

<name>, <subject>, <list name>, <URL>, <date>. 

Some of the scientific journals that are being published on the internet
have started thinking about such referencing issues. You could link to, to see what the 
recommendations are, and to get an idea about the future technological 
possibilities of directly linking to websites cited in an online journal. 
For journals that are not published online, an actual citation of the URL
of the archive would be like giving the name of the publisher of the 
proceedings of a conference. A user with access to appropriate software 
can thereby look up the original reference. Just like finding an article 
in a journal at the library. 

S. Vidyasankar 

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