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mhcrxlc at dir.mcc.ac.uk mhcrxlc at dir.mcc.ac.uk
Wed Jul 24 13:45:02 UTC 1996

Birgit Kellner writes:

>A question - I have used the Norman font for Windows (TTF), available from
>John Smith's ftp-site for quite a while. Although there is a proper italics
>font (mytymes), there does not seem to be a proper font for bold print. On
>the other hand, Norman for Macintosh does beautiful (i.e. discernable) bold
>print, so I presume somebody designed proper bold print for the original
>Norman typeface, but this was never really done for the TTF-version. Am I
>correct, or is there another explanation?

No, there has never been a separate font for 'bold'. The bold forms on the
Macintosh are simply obtained by using the standard Mac facility to
embolden any font. Since this produces an acceptable result, no bold font
was, as far as I know, ever created.

You can also produce an 'italic' version using the system facilities, but
this is simply slanted rather than true italics; so a separate italic font
was created.

Lance Cousins

Email: mhcrxlc at dir.mcc.ac.uk

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