Trivandrum plays

Thu Jul 18 09:21:57 UTC 1996

I'm writing a PhD-thesis on the thirteen Trivandrum plays,
ascribed to the legendary bhAsa from a pre-kAlidAsa era.
On several grounds it is possible to divide the plays into
four groups: an early group (3/4th century), a middle group (4/5th
century), a later or classic group (5/6th), and a very late
or South Indian group (7/8th). However, regarding the epic play
pa~ncarAtra, there are some problems. In fact, there are more
arguments that point to an early date than to a later era. My
impression is that it must be later, presumably 7th century, but
I have no serious arguments yet to prove this. Does anybody  have
a suggestion regarding this particular play?

Drs. A.A.E. Van der Geer
C.N.W.S. (Centre for Non-Western Studies)
The Netherlands
e-mail: heijstee at

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